Cow Work

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Cow Work

You will never look at Cow Horse in the same way!

Cow Horse has always challenged the greatest horseman, while providing the exhilaration of a great run, the humility of the cows not going your way is always a possibility. For Todd Bergen, a 4.5 million dollar money earner in NRCHA, NRHA, NCHA and AQHA it is Cow Horse that fuels Todd’s true passion– it challenges his superb horsemanship every time he gets in the saddle.

This video is packed full with over 5 hours of instructional and training tips, from the most important fundamentals to full speed fence runs. Todd will show you how to balance your horse to get the best performance to maximize your success in Cow Horse. He will give you his insight on strategy and decision-making that is crucial in herd work and going down the fence. This is done on horseback to show correct “Position” and Todd will also provide you a voice over commentary of some of his actual show runs in both the herd & fence work. He puts you in his saddle and explains what he and his horse are thinking as it happens– an amazing perspective.

This video will benefit anyone from the first timer to a top level competitor in understanding how to get the most out of your cow horse experiences. “If your horse is soft, balanced and thinking you will get the most performance out of your horse, while providing a higher level of safely working around cattle”. The horsemanship Todd demonstrates on how he teaches his horse to think and to learn the maneuvers will help anyone that is involved with horses, breeders, spectator, fans, owners or riders of different disciplines.

Disk 1
Dry Work/ Fundamentals
Chapter 1  Dry Work Fundamentals
Chapter 2  Introducing the Flag
Chapter 3  2 Year Old on the Flag. “Body Control”
Chapter 4  2 Year Old on the Flag. “Softer Horse–using your Feet”
Chapter 5  2 Year Old on the Flag. “Repetition, Body Position, Follow the Fag”
Chapter 6  Interview/Show Run “Herd”
- - -
Herd Work
Chapter 1  2 Year Old “Introducing the Cow”
Chapter 2  How Long to Work a Horse
Chapter 3  2 Year Old “Mirroring the cow”
Chapter 4  3 Year Old working in the round
Chapter 5  Using your Feet
Chapter 6  3 Year Old Show Prep in the Round Arena
Chapter 7  Working Cattle
Chapter 8  When to Add Pressure
Chapter 9  Show Runs “Herd Work”
Chapter 10 Interview - “Experience”

Disk 2 
Fence Work Part 1
Chapter 1  Position on a cow
Chapter 2  Setting up your Horse on the Fence
Chapter 3  Circling the Cow “Position in the Arena”
Chapter 4  Circling the Cow “Setting up your Horse”
Chapter 5  Show Runs “Fence”
- - -
Fence Work Part 2
Chapter 1  Introducing your Horse to the Fence
Chapter 2  Typical Training Day 3 Year Old
Chapter 3  Second 3 Year Old
Chapter 4  Troubleshooting on the Fence
Chapter 5  Show Runs “Fence”

Currently also available via streaming on Vimeo.

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    DVD Cow Work

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 24th 2020

    This is a very well done DVD, it has an enormous amount of information and is very organized. The information is easy to find and the different camera angles are a great benefit. We train reined cowhorses and have recommended it to many of our students. Todd has paid much attention to detail, there is no other DVD out there like it!

  • 5
    Cow Work DVDs

    Posted by Alan morgan on Oct 25th 2019

    Great format. I needed to put my horse in perspective as to where she was in her training process. Also it was very informative on the different types of talent/ mindset in various training prospects. Thank You !

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Bischoff on Mar 12th 2019

    Excellent! Very informative. It really helps "connect the dots" when you can watch Todd in various situations, work through issues.

  • 5
    Rick Sandness

    Posted by Rick Sandness on May 17th 2018

    Great detail, clear explanation , this is a very helpful video

  • 5
    Cow Work

    Posted by Charlie Jesse on Oct 16th 2017

    Great job Todd. Thank you.